February, 2005: Janet Shonebarger and Carl Yaffey begin talking about forming a band.

March, 2005: Janet, Dave Parsons, and Carl start practicing. Tentative band name: "Grassahol".

May, 2005: Name changed to "Heart of Grass" because Dave doesn't like alcohol reference in "Grassahol". Dave Erb tries out on mandolin.

July, 2005: Curtis Bailey joins the band and replaces Dave Erb. He plans to marry Janet. Name changed back to "Grassahol".

August, 2005: Heidi Haupt joins the band to play bass. She will use the name "Heidi White".

November, 2005: Grassahol plays for the Country Music Association benefit. First gig.

January, 2006: Stagecoach BBQ gig

January, 2006: Byrne's gig

March, 2006: Dick's Den

October, 2006: Curtis and Janet quit., Chas Williams and Buren Carter join the band. G2 lives! Web site becomes


April, 2007 to July, 2007: Al Kofron plays mandolin in the band (G3).

September 2007: Scott joins (G4)

November 2007: We acquire the domain name

October 2008: We begin recording tracks for a new CD at Craig Markley's Lone Raven Studio.

July 2009: The CD "Joy Shine" is released.

January 2012: Buren Carter retires and lacy Wright joins to play guitar. (G5)

May 2016: Scott and Chas retire.

May 2016: Larry Shicks joins. (G6).